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Cindy said: 

Thank you Shiver Shirts for helping us with a special design on our T shirts to help celebrate our sons last day of chemo!

Pam said: 

We have always had EXCELLENT Customer Service!! Love Shiver Shirts!!

Kim said: 

Excellent customer service and great products!!

Andrea said: 

Here's a little history of our printed shirt journey just to illustrate the many ways the folks at Shiver Shirts are head-and-shoulders above the rest.

Our Student Groups have used printed shirts since the '90's to help identify us as a unit and keep us together at events.  I was lucky at first to work with a person who pretty much ran her business out of a garage.  She recommended shirts that were either discontinued or otherwise on sale.  She was careful to advise me on the correct contrast for stitching color if we chose a darker or lighter shirt than before.  She also handled both embroidered shirts and screen printed T's.

As they say, you don't know what you've got til it's gone and after she retired and left town, we learned just what a jewel she was. It took a handful of years and several tries to find another quality provider on her level.

Once we needed 10 screen printed t-shirts for a performing group doing a special series of events - a sort of TOUR SHIRT.  Through one shop they cost around $25 each after set-up, tax and some unknown extra fees!!!  Another time we needed a few white dress shirts w/ the logo embroidered.  Just to give them a sample, I brought one of our other shirts in.  It was darker in color.  Well, they matched not only the logo but also the thread color.  So, a white shirt w/ light-colored thread intended to stand out on a dark shirt.  The lettering could not be seen from a distance. That was pretty pointless....

Recently shops I contacted either did embroidery or screen printing, but not both. A colleague told me of an on-line business that was very reasonably priced.  The artwork we wanted on the back was too complicated and could not be submitted via their form. 

Finally a local business person recommended Shiver Shirts to me.  Shiver does both screen printing AND embroidery.  They quoted reasonable prices.  They were patient and engaged when I asked questions until I was sure I wasn't going to get light colored thread on a white shirt. 

The shirts were done earlier than promised.  In short every aspect of working with them was handled very professionally, they are personable and friendly, the prices are reasonable (I said that already, but it's worth mentioning again!) and, best of all, the shirts look great! 

I'm so glad to have found them and will be using them until they all leave town and retire.  Which I hope isn't for a long, long time...Thank you Richard, Adam and everyone else at Shiver Shirts for great service and really nice shirts from a quality local business!!

It's worth mentioning that they do also ship, so no matter where you live, in my opinion it's worth contacting them to see what they could do for you.

Brittney said: 

Such great customer service! Warm, friendly employees who are very accomodating! I had a great experience doing business with them. Thank you Shiver Shirts for your wonderful service!

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